Wagging Tail-780

Yesterday Dad had a check up and I’m happy to say the news is good.

No wonder he can go without oxygen his hemoglobin is like an « IRON MANS ».

You’d need all the oxygen you can get when you’re out walking these days as it’s a tad toasty.

Around five last evening we went for our trot. I choose to go down the hill.

Just as we were nearing the road we saw it.

A fox out sniffing around in the ditch.

Ma had seen it last week and stopped the car to take its photo.

Mega wanted to play with it but Ma and me decided it was best to turn around and hike it hard back up the hill.

We’re not convinced it altogether normal for a fox to be out at that time of day.

Maybe it’s a Mama out foraging for food or a young one who’s a bit barmy like the PIT!

Regardless we aren’t keen on having to have rabies shots if it happened to decide it didn’t like us!

Which reminds me Dad got his second booster yesterday so all in all he’s good to go another 100,000 miles at least!!!!

I’ll still keep a close eye on him though.

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