Wagging Tail-782 (2)

It is not Groundhog Day but for some reason the photos on take one did not load.

Can you imagine that half the year is already past. Time flies but sometimes you have to wait more than half a lifetime to find a piece of your puzzle.

When my Mom was young and got grumpy her Mom would recite two lines to her.

« Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry alone »

My Mom never knew where those lines came from and never took the time to find out.

This morning though cousin Krishna, inspired by my need for SOLITUDE, and escape from the plague of the PIT sent this to me via Mom

We quickly investigated the poet and learned how she came about writing this poem that so influenced my Granny.

Reading the whole thing I’ve decided maybe it’s better to have a little company. Perhaps with a lovely lady!


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