Wagging Tail-783

We had a dilemma yesterday. We really needed rain as everything is burning up but Columbus was having there first big Red White and Boom fireworks show since 2019.

Add to this the fact that Uncle Martin (Auntie Paula’s husband) was organizing this huge country and western festival with thousands coming and the last thing you want are soggy spectators.

So we prayed please God don’t let it rain till everything is over and he delivered.

God is so GOOD and so SMART!

When we got up this morning he’d made it rain a lot overnight when all the activities were over.

Our gauge of how much it has rained are the spots by the mat on the porch as they dry up last. Some people have measuring gauges but Mom knows my nose knows.

I inspected everything and declared it all good.

Just as God himself did in his garden of Eden.

Bet at that place it rained every night so Adam or more likely Eve didn’t have to water a drop.


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