Wagging Tail-789

Yesterday was international chocolate day. Ma didn’t touch a drop. That’s because she had none in the house! If she’d had a bar it would be gone because when she starts she can’t stop.

She loves the stuff especially flakes.

I’m not allowed the Magical material as it’s toxic for me. There’s a thing in it that I can’t metabolize called theobromine.

For the chemistry needs among you this is what the molecule looks like.

If your dog eats chocolate they will become floppy (don’t panic I’m just doing a demo) so get them to the vet quickly. The amount they eat is the critical thing of course.

It’s always a great mystery why things like this happen that some critters get gifted with abilities to break things down and others don’t.

Philosophers please reflect and comment as I am puzzling.

Now if Ma were to concentrate on eating Milkybars and supporting the sales of the company who pay her pension I might be in business as they only have cocoa butter and no cocoa powder!

She’s not that sweet though but I still love her.


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