Wagging Tail-790

Greetings Passionate Peeps it’s your very own PIT PAL here.

Today I want to introduce you to my local fan club. Of course this is but a snippet of the global audience that pursues me with pure passion.

The photo was taken by Auntie Liz yesterday morning at the park so unfortunately she isn’t in the shot.

To the far left is PJ. He is Liz’s eldest and is a basically solid good guy. He pretends to have few feeling for me but deep down I know his heart is yearning for my love.

Beside PJ is his bro Eddie who is younger and more vocal in his admiration for myself. He barks as soon as he sees me round the corner to his house ever morning and then proceeds to drag his poor Mom off her feet in his pursuit of my attentions

The two bite snack to the right of Eddie is BEAR their cousin who is visiting from Cincinnati. He is the size of a Nyla Bone and is a cross between a Yorkie and a Chihuahua. Of course like all others that meet me he is smitten. Even though he is reputed to be a little tetchy at times he is sweet as sugar around me.

Next up is my current love interest Remington. He is tall and handsome and devoted to me. We kiss passionately when we meet and sneak a snog at regular intervals throughout our time together.

His Mom Meghan is behind him. The Grey Gizz is glaring at her in hope she’ll shoot him a chicken treat which she carries to control Remington when he lunges to greet me each morning. Isn’t the Gizz just sickening sitting there like a great Goody Two Shoes.

Finally there is my own adorable self being held by Granny. The grimace on her face speaks for my strength as I almost dislocate her shoulder in my attempt to romp in the hay with Remi.

There you are fab fans you now know that you have competition. If you wish to secure my hand send treats or diamonds if you prefer!!!


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