Wagging Tail-794

Today we get our new air conditioner installed. please pray all goes to plan.

To say I am glad is an understatement

Humans can sleep with just a sheet over them but try snoozing in this heat wearing a fur coat.

Even napping has become difficult as a certain person has been allowed to participate. She ate Mums duvet cover yesterday so was removed from the chamber.

We have both been a tad worn out of an evening. So we have something refreshing then I lick her to sleep.

Meanwhile poor Dad has been super charged and very busy making mint chutney.

In the big storm last week our mint minefield blew up and fell over so it had to be harvested.

The whole house smells spicy. We are overrun with mint, coriander, garlic, ginger, onions and tons of chilies the ingredients in his magic brew.

We’ll eat it when the AC is switched to maximum otherwise we might pass out.

Isn’t it funny that chilies are hot!

Blessing#1395-Cooling Trends

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