Wagging Tail-793

Yesterday Ma got super excited about some Facebook group she’s part of called Old Banbridge.

She kept ohing and ahing and jumping up and down like a crazy woman all evening.

It all started with this picture.

It was the old rectory for the Church of Ireland. A magnificent building she’d never seen but to which she has a strong connection.

See this old mansion also had a little gate lodge where Moms Grandpa and Granny Barr lived along with her Daddy.

So she posted this fact and then all these comments started coming in.

One man called Matt who now lives in Africa must be a historian because within the space of a few hours he researched ancestry records and came up with a whole slew of information on Grandpa Barr. Here’s his first comment!

We got details of medals from World War 1

It was like a personalized version of that TV show “Who Do You Think You Are”

Now we’re on a roll we’re going to get even more info. Dads cousins Bobby and Sammy are now in the picture.

Guess I’ll just have to be patient while the paper hunt continues!!!!!


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