Wagging Tail-798

We are so back to normal here it’s just great.

I feel so invigorated by the cool air I’m back to my surveillance work and am ready to jump into action at a moments notice to save Dad from the monster.

Sometimes when Ma is out he calls on me to control her and I happily oblige. I scold her and get her in a head lock.

He’s been real busy making his mint chutney. It’s hot stuff and loaded with garlic so Mum and he smell funky. There is enough chilies in it to spice up their lives for months to come.

They might need a little today as it’s soggy here but in the UK it is steamy.

We’re wondering what our friends and families are doing. Probably heading off to the beach for a swim to cool down.

It’s so hot that a heat advisory has been issued for the first time ever for the next few days.

Bet they’d love to have our AC.

Maybe they’ll just put on their Hawaii shirts and have a pint.

Do you like ours? We didn’t buy them just played with the app. Sometimes just pretending your on the beach is all you need.

Close you eyes and imagine that cool air coming out of the floor is drifting in from the ocean.

Blessing#1399-Aloha Central

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