Wagging Tail-799

We were lucky to get a very quick trot in yesterday morning between downpours otherwise we’d have exploded.

Mother thought that the imposition of indoor activities was heaven sent as the golf was on and her fav Rory McIlroy was at the top of the leader board.

Jaws was sent to rest when they went to Church and remained confined as we all sat glued to the box on their return. She’d have caused too much distraction.

Dad took my spot on the chair and was glued to the TV too.

It was nail biting.

Unfortunately poor Rory was pipped at the post or whatever the term is in golf.

Ma was sad. She even had a little water run down her cheek.

Meanwhile the rain continued. That didn’t deter Ma and me from going to an indoor rummage sale that one of her pals was organizing.

While I sat in the car with the rain pelting in through the windows she’d left open lest I suffocate she went digging for teapots while the car and myself got a free wash.

She needs more of them at work these days when she gets busy and people also like to buy them when they come so it’s her bread and butter. She found six of different shapes and sizes so was all chuffed.

We returned through flooding to find Auntie Laura from round the corner had also braved the storm and measured the progress of the inundation.

We are sure another record is being set. Shame it wasn’t at Saint Andrew’s might have given our Rory an advantage!


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