Wagging Tail-800

We feel like we dodged a bullet with the heat here.

We got wet over the past days while it sizzled up to 110F in other parts of the country. The rain left us refreshed and all our plants well watered.

Those poor people in Europe they really must be feeling uncomfortable. Can’t imagine London at 102F!!!!

It was so beautiful yesterday evening we were able to sit outside on the patio and watch the world go by.

The colors are so vibrant when the sun hits them after the rain. It’s like breathing in a brilliant technicolor.

We are always happy on the patio just Ma and Megs and Me.

I jump up on the little footstool and play King of All I Survey

Meg moves around a bit more but generally gives my head some peace.

They say Lavender has a calming effect maybe that’s the trick. Aunt Denise made a smart move when she got us that plant this spring.

Regardless it was bliss! So I cracked and gave her a kiss for being a good little princess.

Blessing#1401-Sleeping Beauties.

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