Wagging Tail-802

This morning I’d like to make a shout out for WhatsApp.

We had to do one of those regular updates and it made us think how much we love it.

Maybe it has hidden secrets but to all intents and purposes it seems to be a pretty honest and good way to keep in touch.

It means we can chat with friends and family anywhere in the world for free. That’s a noble cause when you think not so long ago if you wanted to talk with your cousin on the East coast of India for any length of time you’d have needed a second mortgage.

Now I’m in touch with cousin Krishna nearly everyday. He sends me jokes and encouragement to make sure I don’t get too grumpy.

This puts me in a good mood before I have to tackle trouble.

Ma uses it all the time to talk to her besties in Northern Ireland or wherever they may be cruising around the world.

Unlike Facebook, WhatsApp has no bells and whistle but it gives you a really cool sense of being close to your closest without the spying eye.

So thank you to whoever is the owner. You’re a pal.


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