Wagging Tail-813

Greeting passionate peeps this is your very own smug Pitty speaking.

Do you want to know a secret?

Remember yesterday Granny told you about the stink the Gizzard was making. Well it was more than gas.

When she eventually got up and went to the bathroom a certain canine not far from my left ear had been there before her. He’d left a big present just in front of the shower.

Now if I’d done that she’d have had my guts for garters but oh no. When we went out walking she told the neighbors about how smart he was that he’d gone to the bathroom all by himself and not caused a mess on the carpet. Pitty your PITTY please!

Is that fair? I ask you. When I do even the smallest little oopsie she’s at me and Grandpa is even worse. With him I can’t even spill water without getting an earful.

Anyway the Gizz had to lie low all day and I walked around with my nose in the air sniffing up the bleach and feigning I was faint. Clorox shares will rise on Monday. It was everywhere.

That bathroom needed a clean anyway and those mats are now pure as the driven snow.

I still am smirking though. He’ll not tell me what to do for the next week at least.

Blessing #1414-Bathroom Break

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