Wagging Tail-812

I’ve been awake for a while not feeling good.

I woke Ma up at 4:45 with my retching so she’s not chuffed.

Nothings coming up but I am also emitting noxious fumes. Ma has inspected the whole room but there is no trace of any production.

There now didn’t that get your weekend off to a less than good start.

To make up for it I’ll now try to crack you up with a few more pleasant thoughts.

When in doubt resort to chicken. Even for jokes for a grumpy Mama.

If that fails tell old dog tales about when you were just a puppy and super cute. Puppy’s melt hearts.

Finally if she is still huffing and puffing and bemoaning the fact that she has to do everything in this house and that she can’t even get a decent sleep remind her that bears and dogs are close cousins.


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