Wagging Tail-816

Yesterday a rare event occurred. Both Mom and the bro had the day off.

Not knowing what to do with all their free time they first made brownies and chocolate chip cookies that smelled so good to one who is fasting. I persisted with my refusal to touch the unadulterated kibble so Ma said it was not her problem and I could starve if I liked.

Secretly though she was feeling sorry for me so she suggested the bro and her take me and Mega to the dog park to try to work up my appetite. So we hopped in the car, me up front and Meg in the trunk and off we went.

Meg had never been to the dog park before as Ma didn’t want to risk taking her alone and not being able to control her if she got out of hand.

She needn’t have worried. When we got there there wasn’t a soul.

All the dogs were at the dog beach and in the lake but Ma said we weren’t going in there as Meg had just been groomed and she didn’t want her to get stinky again.

So we played in the park.

It was a lot of fun and we didn’t fight even for one minute.

We were both quite exhausted so Ma expected I’d eat a good dinner.

Not me. Drank a bowl of water and ate not one piece of kibble. Mega was happy that she’d scored again.

I’m serious. Unless that stuff is dressed up I’m shunning it for good. It’s not worth the consequences.

Still we had a great day even if my tummy is a little rumbly. Maybe we need some more family time like this to help build up our appreciation of each other.

Blessing#1417-Day Out

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