Wagging Tail-817

Since we, along with more than half the USA are again under heat advisory which essentially means it’s dangerous to stay outside for longer than it takes to pee, a family conference was held to discuss the nature and condition of my coat.

It was deemed too long to survive another round of 100F so immediate action was called for.

My normal groomer is booked out till end September so that wouldn’t help me so the bro found a solution at one of those pet chain stores that offers beautification.

We had to drive about thirty minutes to get to one which was sweet. He stuck around with me for a while but since it was taking time he decided he needed to get food. He needs refueling every two hours. Worse than a supercharged HUMMER he is.

They cut me nice and short all over my body but when they got to my feet and legs I gave them a nice little snarl and they stopped.

Seems this joint doesn’t believe in muzzles or milk bone bribes to get the job done.

Result is I have started a new tend. Ma calls it the Lama.

I call it just perfect. Cool bod big boots! Unique and unmatchable!!!

Blessing#1418-Half Cut

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