Wagging Tail-821

The bro is easy going. He’d eat almost anything. A bit like his daughter. Nonetheless, Ma asks him every Sunday before she goes to get the groceries if there’s anything he’d fancy.

So yesterday on his way out the door to work he said risotto.

Flip! She had a hard job finding it. I know because I’m left in charge of things here and was on duty from 8:45 till 1:15. I knew they would be away a while because they do Church before grocery but I mean four and a half hours!!

Seems they had to hit three stores before they found the grain in question and nearly fainted when they saw the price of it $8.35 for two pounds!!!! Must have been flown in on private jet from Italy.

Anyway as their search took them in the vicinity of Goodwill Dad requested a detour to look for books, as if he doesn’t have any, and in addition found a jigsaw puzzle of the Taj Mahal. Just what a body needs! Shows he’s in fine form though if he’s on the bargain hunt again.

So what did I do? Kept things in order and people in hand by dreaming of delights!

At the end of the day life is about making people happy and so it was for the bro that the risotto accompanied by plenty of steak did the trick and took him swiftly to the land of nod.


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