Wagging Tail-822

Each day we think of our loved ones across the rainbow bridge but they seem especially close when someone special joins them.

Who’d have thought when we watched Grease on Saturday night that the world would loose the lovely Olivia Newton John two days later.

I never met my Granny (Moms Mom) but seems she loved Olivia too when she was a regular on the Cliff Richard show in the early 1970s.

I do hear her words of wisdom often though. One saying that seems most appropriate today is « you never know the minute »

Another appeared this morning in a post from a friend.

Granny’s version was a little different « where the heart lies the feet will wander »

A lot of our family wandered to Ireland from far afield last week for a big reunion to celebrate one of our cousins 60th wedding anniversary. Mom is now kicking herself she didn’t go. Just look at this for spectacular.

It gives a new perspective on another one of Granny’s favs « Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today »

So Ma has « turned over a new leaf » and has « started out on the right foot » by booking tickets to go see a concert in December.

No more « next time »


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