Wagging Tail-826

Greetings passionate peeps PITS publishing today just to make you deliriously delighted no matter how demanding the past days have been.

You see I can relate. This blasted super moon has driven the Grey Gizzard half demented.

He has been aroused to such an extent that I have been forced to ferociously fight off his advances.

Now I know that even if I have not had much sleep because of that great mass of stone shining like the sun all night long I am still outstandingly beautiful but still all this ardor is annoying.

He pins me to the floor after a chase around the table and then smack he starts slobbering all over me.

So see no one can be in a worse position at present than your PITS

Take heart in knowing that you have a soulmate in me.

Blessing#1427-Waning Soon

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