Wagging Tail-825

We were out for our last trot on Wednesday evening and once again Ma mortified me.

Our neighbor Debbie was putting out her trash and Ma was right in there. “Are you throwing out that old bicycle Debbie?” she asks. I felt like biting her. What the heck did she think the lady was doing with it! Taking it for a trot too! I hung my head in shame. Debbie will certainly tell Stewie her grand puppy all about this next time he visits and my reputation as the district tough guy will be shattered.

It would be so perfect for my antique store” she continues. Oh so the Tearoom has now become an antique store!!!! I almost pulled the arm off her to get home. Meanwhile Mega is pulling as hard in the opposite direction to get some attention from Debbie. Serves Ma right if we make a bifurcation in her body one day!

Anyway she goes on “I’ll be right back for it when I’ve taken these two home” Heck we’re only three house down from home did she think we’d get lost!!!!

So it was that the three wheeled vehicle made its way to Marion.

When she got home last night she was all “oh look at how perfectly that wee bicycle goes at my side door doesn’t it just fit my pie house sign perfectly?” I nearly puked.

She’s such an embarrassment. I cannot hold my head up in this neighborhood any more. I’m going to jump on one of those two mile trains and take off for good to live with Laura in Carolina. Wait I feel a song coming on!!!!!


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