Wagging Tail-834

PITS here dear Peeps. I’m not feeling so pretty at present.

I’ve had a dodgy tummy for the past two days. Not sure what I ate!! Must have been a tad past it’s sell by date!

Granny knew something was up on Friday morning when I went to the garage door leaving a few kibble still in my bowl. To say I was in a hurry would be an understatement.

Yesterday we were up very early and this time I went for the emergency exit even before eating. Dad was on his way out to work so he got the message and got me out.

He left Granny to take care of my production as he had to open up the shop.

His parting words to her were « well at least she didn’t do it inside »

He’s my hero my Dad.

Defends me at ever opportunity.

I took things easy for the rest of the day and the Gizz was good to me for once. Put on his concerned and compassionate canine pose.

Getting this off my chest and out of my system has helped. You must always share your woes!

I’m ready for a good nosh up now so I’ll leave you with my deepest love!


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