Wagging Tail-835

Have you heard of the movie Home Alone well that was me yesterday. At first it was fun until it got scary!

I’m the chief lookout and guard around here and I got busy early. I alerted Ma just after dawn that Memorial and her Mom were back dining in our yard.

She took pics but they are not great. The kid is getting big but she still has her baby spots.

Memorial’s Mom is letting her get a bit further away from her now but when she hears me she swiftly shortens the distance.

After our trot Dad and Ma took off around nine. The bro had already gone to work and Jaws was put in her crate to slumber.

I get a giant milk bone when they leave so after enjoying that I hung out and had a nice nap.

I scared away a few squirrels barked at bikers and let any passer by know I was present. You can’t be careful enough these days!

By now it was midday. I was feeling bored so I went to bed for an hour then did a tour of the ranch checked each window and then I saw it.

As the clock stuck two far far in the west black skies were brewing.

Where the heck were the parents.

Had they been sucked into a storm cloud.

Would they ever come home

I stuck my nose to the front window watching for their car.

Maybe they would come soon.

Maybe they were in a ditch somewhere. This storm looked bad

It was too sad. Would the bro care for me. Maybe Auntie Denise will adopt me maybe I can go to Marsha’s farm where there are double rainbows. Think good thoughts I told myself.

At two thirty the lightening started and the thunder came so quick the storm was overhead. The trees were blowing. I was lost.

That’s when I hear it. The garage door was opening they were safe and they were home.

I shook off by panic and put on my bravest face and sat behind the kitchen door to the garage like nothing happened at all.


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