Wagging Tail-851

Mom was so tired last night she hardly spoke. Now any of you who know my Mom know that that’s unusual.

The bro and her had been away all day working at the apartment above the Tearoom. It’s quite a big space!!!

You should have seen them when they got home. Looked like they’d lived on the streets for weeks.

The old tenants left on August 31 as they inherited a house so Ma and the brown were redoing the floors and cleaning the place before the agent could show it to potential new tenants today.

Mom went straight to the bath to remove her body paint work and tend to her injuries.

The bro fixed the chirping alarm to avoid another sleepless night and ordered food.

We watched the end of Chernobyl and just about made it upstairs as her little legs were stiff as the boards she painted and creaking like them too!

There was a distinct possibility she may never be the same again so I gave her extra TLC and she slept like a baby.


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