Wagging Tail-852

It’s as well the bro is of a sunny disposition, as this picture from yesterday’s Facebook memories epitomizes because Ma is scheming.

Swift on the heals of their day spent painting floors and tiles and cleaning kitchens and bathrooms Ma has a project for him for his next day off.

She is planning to attract more customers to the Tearoom with some zany color scheme.

First up the flag pole that broke in a storm last winter is to be fixed and a huge OPEN flag placed in it.

Next up she’s got a pot of bright red paint and all the detail that’s peeling or as yet uncolored around the doors and windows is going to get it.

Once that is done she’s for sticking lettering down one side reading Booming and down the other Blessings and along the top Tea & Treasure. The color of this will be determined by the Home Depot or Hobby Lobbys most competitive pricing!!!

I’ve been promised I can come along and assist if it’s a Goldilocks day.


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