Wagging Tail-860

What a lot of adventures we had this morning. Maybe because we were out just after dawn. Auntie Denise had her phone with her so she took these pics for me.

First we smelt skunk. When that happens you don’t hang around you get out of the area as quickly as possible. That smells stick around and follows for a mile.

Next up came the bunnies but they move too fast when pursued by a Pitty to get a pic.

Deer are different. Around here they are almost tame. When we rounded the corner in the park a Mom and her baby where munching in the meadow. We think it may be Memorial but can’t be sure. Her fawn spots are almost gone.

They just looked at us. Straight in the eye.

As we approached they didn’t even move.

This is how close we got.

Would you believe me if you didn’t see this with your own eyes?

Next up came the ducks. We have about twenty of them who hang out together. They too let us get up close and personal until Jaws takes a lunge at them.

Finally for today we got to see the Heron whose so handsome.

These critter may not be lions, elephants and wilder beasts but they sure do give you the goose bumps when they head to their watering hole of a morning.

Blessing#1461-Suburban Safari

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