Wagging Tail -859

Yesterday there was a humming bird feasting on our petunias. You’ll have to trust me on that as we couldn’t get a picture in time.

The bees are also working overtime on the sedum and lavender.

There was quite a swarm of them last evening when we were sitting outside soaking up some sun.

Jaws tries to play catch with them.

How do you incentivize bees to bite? If I knew maybe I could get them to take her out.

Ma keeps telling her to stop or they’ll sting but she keeps it up.

They seem to ignore her though.

I try to do that too but she still gives me a headache.

Or is it that collar.

I feel like I’m Sir Thomas More ready for a Tudor style execution.

Maybe I’ll give up licking my stitches if I can be freed from this torture.


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