Wagging Tail-877 (with pics)

Passionate peeps it PITS posting!

Aren’t you all thrilled. I just know you’ve been dying to hear of my exploits.

Yesterday I was excessively busy.

Granny as you know is not partial to housework but as the morning light shone in the dust was seen to be an inch thick so she had to break it up.

I jumped in to help as best I could I just love to smell of that spray she uses but she smacked me on the nose so I took to shredding instead.

She didn’t realize the extent of my efforts until I’d finished.

She’d made her bed earlier but it wasn’t quite to my standards so I undid her work and refluffed it. The pillows were something of a challenge so I make a little hole in one! No golfing puns intended!

While wrinkly was working I rested but on her return we had a quick trot and then I helped with cooking the dinner and doing the dishes. She spills a lot so it’s tasty work and it makes her smile.

We then settled in for the fourth quarter of the big game which we won easily. Dad was so exhausted as he’d started at seven he fell asleep. So I guarded him from the Gizz until it was bedtime.

Basically I’m perfect like most Princesses.

I can do everything so well I deserve to be Queen! Do you like my pose?

Blessing #1478-Multitasking

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