Wagging Tail-878

On Saturday the Lily Circle at our church had their annual book sale.

Yesterday what was left was sold at $5 per bag before being pack up and packed off to Half Price Books.

Dad was in heaven. Actually he was in Church but that’s close. He snagged a mountain of material to keep him going for a few months.

Ma also had a good rummage and found things for sale at the store.

She also found a great treasure that she’s keeping.

Can you believe that in the midst of all those thousands of books she finds a little vintage hardback novel about Northern Ireland.

It’s little dust jacket was a bit rough at the edges so maybe that’s why it had been passed over. Or maybe it was waiting for her to come and rescue it!

Published in 1954 it is based on the legend of The Swans of Ballycastle and is beautifully illustrated.

There were many memory jerkers for Ma like the painting on the bedroom wall the eiderdown and the big roaring fire.

It’s just like it was meant to come home to us and Ma got so excited.

We read the story as soon as she got home. It’s a somewhat sad little tale about three children and a wicked stepmother but has lots of reference to places back home like Rathlin Island, Belfast and Larne.

Made us quite nostalgic and determined to get one of those direct flights soon.

Blessing#1479-Familiar Sites

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