Wagging Tail-880

I was just settling in for a small siesta yesterday when the door opened.

The ancients has had their physicals and were given the green light but the dude doing their taxes had been stuck in Chicago overnight and so wouldn’t be back in his office till one. So we had an early lunch and then Ma negotiated on my behalf that I could come along too.

I was so happy and so it was at midday we all set off.

Pits had to stay home as we only get to ride together when we can be continuously supervised just incase we go at each other’s throats. Since the ancients we’re going to be in this meeting for up to an hour the risk of a riot was too great to take.

Such a beautiful day.

I just oohed and ahhed the whole way at the lovely fall colors.

No tricks it really was a treat. Shame about the tax balance that was quite horrific!

Blessing #1481-Unexpected Outings

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