Wagging Tail-881

Today Moms long awaited Kairos weekend begins at the The Ohio Reformatory for Women. This means my niece and I will need to tolerate each other and take care of Dad for four days as Ma will be leaving before dawn and won’t get home till ten in the evening.

The bro is going to take care of our outings for our bathroom breaks but we will need to practice extended periods of bladder control. The days he’s working late he is coming home at lunchtime to let us get relief.

This ministry has a great website where you can find out more but bottom line is the moto Listen Listen Love Love.

It all started in Florida in the 1970s and now is in all states and ten countries worldwide. This weekend is the 52nd at this prison as usually there are two each year.

The team formation for weekend 52 started in February 2020 with the goal of having the weekend in April 2020. Of course you all know what happened in March. The whole world went into lockdown because of Covid.

Prisons were particularly hard hit as no visitors were allowed and inmates had to stick to very restricted areas to prevent viral spread. During this tough time the Kairos Christian Communities previously established within prisons played an important role in maintaining moral and hope.

Since July 2022 the 52nd team has been built once more and now are ready to go to work in most appropriately KAIROS the Greek for GODS TIME!

Over the next days our posts will be brief but we’ll still let you know what Ma had been up to.


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