Wagging Tail-889

I’m the most loyal beast in the world.

Each day as she heads out I stand at the garage door and wave Ma off. When she returns I’m behind that door waiting to great her.

How does she repay me?

Books a trip to go away for a whole week next year with the bro.

She was so excited yesterday morning that she was going to London for the Kings Coronation that she almost had a seizure.

She’s delighted to be flying VIRGIN direct from Detroit to the big smoke. No connection to deal with!

She’s almost as excited about getting back on VIRGIN as she is about the coronation.

Before me when they all lived in Shanghai they were frequent fliers. Sir Richard use to send her mighty gifts at Christmas like a day at the Banyan Tree Spa!

She also had a haul of his unused purple pyjamas from all their trips that she gave to homeless people a few winters ago. She hasn’t put foot on one of their flights since they moved from China.

She’s hoping in recognition of her return they’ll bump her and the bro up to UPPER CLASS!

Sounds regal doesn’t it! In the meantime the bro and her will enjoy the back row middle seat on points!


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