Wagging Tail-890

Ma went clean off her rocker yesterday morning. Hauled in a whole heap of plants to save them from the predicted frost.

Every autumn she brings in the herbs that have been outside since spring. Anyone in their right mind would trash them. Not her. The parsley has been going for three years. In fact it’s gone to seed but she’s going to make pesto with the shot bits. There is not another dog in the world that has to put up with as much nonsense as me.

I mean what the heck a bunch of parsley cost a dollar. Same for the spring onions. OK I understand the rosemary. That can get a tad expensive and might impinge on my snack budget. Keep that if you must!

This year though she has taken this “I grew it so I’ll keep it” nonsense to a whole new level.

She’s bringing in the annuals.

Inspired by the petunias she cut back for the second time this year that are now looking healthy again she’s also bringing in the impatients.

Says her Granny Gibson kept them all year round so she’s doing an experiment. They are destined to join the poinsettias that other people jettison after Christmas but oh no not Ma. Our eldest is now ten!!!!

The impatiens are everywhere in the kitchen, bathroom and the hall because she has to see where they like it best!! Pray they die soon!!!

Only consolation I have is that PITs may eat them if she gets a chance.a

That might just do her in.

Is parsley seed toxic? Maybe I can get rid of everyone and just live here in peace by myself!


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