Wagging Tail-892

Greeting Passionate Peeps. I’m keeping a low Pitty profile this morning.

I was overly attentive when my Great Uncle Dave came for dinner last evening and inadvertently cut his hand with my fang.

See I was just trying to lick his ear and his hand got in the way. It is a small scratch but still better not annoy Grandpa any further as he wants to send me to the pound!

I need to keep chewing to keep my nervous energy in check!

Granny was out just now putting up the Halloween decor. There’s lots of bones in those skeletons.

They would keep me entertained for hours well maybe minutes since they’re made of plastic not Nyla.

Maybe I need to work on soft toys!

The new Queen has cleaned up all the Paddington bears that were left at memorials for the late Queen. She’s giving them to Barnado’s children homes.

Just thinking if she had any leftovers or unusables I’d be happy to help her shred them.

Perhaps broomsticks would be a better option. Should be plenty around soon!


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