Wagging Tail-893

Pits Perfect here again today with a little Philosophy.

Do you ever have days that seem like weeks? They just are so average that they go by so slooooooooooooowly.

I had one of those yesterday.

We went for a walk as usual.

Came home and played with the Gizz.

Had a siesta in my crate

Had dinner

Walked some more

Played ball

Had a post dinner siesta in my crate while Granny went out as Grandpa can’t be bothered with me when Granny’s not around

Came downstairs and played some with Dad when he got home.

Played some more with the Gizz

Finally gave up and let him lick me to death until he collapsed.

Chewed bones until Dad tried to get me to bed and then ran wild around the house for fifteen minutes playing catch.

Now here’s the thing should we enjoy day like that or should we crave more color or black and white excitement? Thoughts!


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