Wagging Tail-897

Both the niece and myself are completely exhausted. We were outside playing all day yesterday.

Jaws snored all night like a trooper. Thank heavens I don’t have to sleep with her usually. She’s really like that Princess Fiona from Shrek.

Ma sent a text to me to say I have to take care of our « Princess » as she’s just little. Has she never looked at the size of her gapping mouth!

Anyway now I know where they are.

The bro drove them in his fancy sedan through Ohio

Over the bridge into West Virginia for a few minutes

On into Pensilvania where they sat on the same road for the next four hours

Ma says she’s a nervous wreck as the bro has a foot made of lead.

It wasn’t boring though. They went through the mountains quite literally

Past the farms and into the first capital of the USA Philadelphia.

The are all shacking up together too in the same room so Ma says she too is surrounded by snoring.

Serves her right for leaving me behind.

Blessing#1498-Loud Breathing

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