Wagging Tail-898

I have been on hunger strike so the niece has gained five pounds. She eats all she’s given and all I leave and that is everything at present!

It hasn’t worked though I haven’t been paroled so I will have to crack and have a nibble today.

In her correspondence of last evening Ma informed me that she and the bro ate lunch in Chinatown yesterday. She had her favorite Ma Po Tofu which is fire on a plate. I wouldn’t have been able to deal with that so no loss there but the bro had Shanghai style sliced beef with his noodles which might have slipped down nicely.

They did more than 10,000 steps around old Philly so they worked some of it off. Ma snuggled up with some old fat dude in funny britches who must have been partial to a good feast himself. Maybe not in Chinatown! Funny how they’re color coordinated!!!!

Later they went to the Mehendi party where ladies have their hands painted and everyone has a good chat. Dad spent a lot of time with his little sister.

Everyone ate lots of pizza and brownies and ice-cream cake and did not walk more than a few steps.

So like Jaws they’ll have gained a few pounds unlike ME!!!!

No pointing fingers now painted or not I’m feeling so self righteous that I’m so in control and so slim!!!!

Blessing#1499-Appetite Control

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