Wagging Tail-900

When I looked at the sky this morning I knew deep in my soul they were home and so sure as the sun rises so would we be soon.

We had such a good time at the Four Paws Resort and Spa. It is the most luxurious resort you can imagine but all that exercise is exhausting and we love our own kennel most of all.

We missed our pack so when Ma arrived we almost killed the poor woman to get into the car.

I smacked her a big one on the cheek to be sure she knows I love her

……. and the niece gave her her biggest smile

We are settling back to our posts and planning to have a look at all the wedding photos this afternoon. I’ll share the details with you tomorrow.

The niece, who has been greatly tamed is exhausted. Just can’t keep her peepers open so we’ll let her sleep. I’m a tad in need of a nap myself.

Blessing#1501-Returned to Sender

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