Wagging Tail-899

Ma sent me a message yesterday afternoon to say they had been out eating again. Talk about pouring oil on a fire! Made me mad as $@&&

This time I’m so super seriously upset because they all had BACON!

They went to Bob’s, reputed to be the best diner in Philly for brunch.

The place she said looked just like the diners in the movies. If you sat there long enough you could write a book about the comings and goings and the amazing hard working staff.

It was packed and each time a table was cleared someone else jumped it.

Dad said he had the best pancakes in his whole life.

They were the size of dinner plates.

Almost as big as himself.

They were all off to my cousin V’s wedding later that afternoon but Ma said she’d tell me all about the big event when she gets home as it’s too much for one post.

That means we have not been abandoned so I might eat a little myself today as I imagine I can smell that BACON from here!!!

Blessing#1500-Sent of Freedom

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