Wagging Tail-902

Greetings Precious Peeps. PITS perfect pawblishing today.

I’m slowly recovering after my séjour at the spa. I was hotly pursued each day by so many admirers it was quite exhausting.

Now Granny is back we’re sharing stories of our beauty treatments and admiring each others mani’s!

Don’t you think I look even more Pitty Perfect than is possible.

I’m sure glad the Gizz and I got our baths while at the spa because our auntie Tjin came to stay last night so we were nicely scented.

She hasn’t seen me since I was the size of a saucer. She could not believe my beauty and musculature!

I tried real hard to endear myself to her but she preferred the old guy more than me.

Not to worry I know that I have lots of admirers because I am who I am.

Blessing#1503-Being Beautiful

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