Wagging Tail-906

Ma woke up early this morning so she thought she’d do a little homework while I snoozed.

The Bishop had been to our Church yesterday and his sermon was all about faith and vision.

It was based on the book of Habakkuk, indicated as the text for this Sunday in this years Church Lectionary. Not necessarily a part of the Bible your average dude like my Ma would have read often!

Funny name that. How on earth do you pronounce it! Regardless turns out Habakkuk had a big influence on Saint Paul among others and even features in a commentary found in the Dead Sea scrolls.

Fortunately this “minor” prophet cut to the chase and didn’t write too much so Ma was able to do her homework and read the three chapters in fifteen minutes and can now as the Bishop pointed out say she read a book of the Bible this morning!

In a nutshell this is the deal. Habakkuk is fierce annoyed

So he tells God and God answers him

So do the same the Bishop says speak your mind because there ain’t no hiding from the almighty.

Blessing#1507-Prophets & Preachers

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