Wagging Tail-907

Hi y’all how was you Halloween? Ours was very warm and a little wet but we still got takers for our candy.

Granny made me and the Gizz stay indoors but we still greeted everyone with a good old growl.

Some of our neighborhood yards were adorned with all sorts of huge blown up critters this year. That’s the new in thing!

Take the Kitty that was as tall as the first floor of a house. Sorta spooked me first time I saw it but when you realize it’s not out to get you it cool.

If you happen to be afraid of spiders close your eyes now

Of course you can tell it’s not real unlike the ones Granny wrapped around our candy bucket which were tarantula types and could be mistaken for the real McCoy!

The award for best decor certainly doesn’t go to our feeble ghosts and skulls.

We’re giving it to Jasmit and Scott and their girls at the end of our cul de sac for their graveyard

Their swinging corpse freaks Granny out each time she passes it because it moves mysteriously.

Cracks me up watching her and the ghoulish old Gizz jump!


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