Wagging Tail-909

I was reflecting a few days ago with the bro on how much I missed the dear departed Piggy that his daughter dismembered some months ago.

Fear not he said dear Scoob next time I have a day off I’ll spend some of my hard earned cash and get you a new squeaky.

Good to his word he went shopping yesterday and returned with a beautiful beast for me that I’ve name Scottie as he is wearing tartan.

He got the niece a cactus called Consuela because it is said to be multilayered and indestructible.

Well no need to tell you it lasted less than thirty minutes. She ripped off the flower first, then the prickly layer and once that was gone launched into the rubber inside and soon it was toast.

Great fighting then ensued as she attempted to overthrow me and get Scottie.

Not on your life Princess.

This baby is mine and I’ll defend him till the end even if it means heading to my hide out!

Ma and I made a quick early exit to bed to beat a blood bath.

You’ll be happy to hear Scottie spent a happy night snuggled up with Ma and me and is up and ready to fight on another day.

Blessing#1510-Bearing Up

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