Wagging Tail-908

Do you ever wake up and roll over and go back to sleep and have a lovely dream.

It is my experience that the dreams you have in the morning are always sweet unlike the ones that wake you up in the middle of the night. Everyone is kind and no one is cross and it can really set you up for day even if you have to deal with demons.

I love sleeping. In fact apart from going car it’s my favorite thing in the whole world to do. If I had to choose between the two I’d choose sleep.

My ideal place for a timeless uninterrupted slumber is under the bed it’s so snuggly and free of human tossing.

As I have to take care of Mom when shes awake and Dad when she’s away I don’t get that much opportunity to slumber unless we have an afternoon siesta.

A long nights sleep is the greatest thing ever invented. I think heaven will be like a really good dream.

Wonder why we don’t sleep more. Oh well time to scrape myself off the carpet and do worldly work!


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