Wagging Tail-917

Just when I was feeling happy that these mid term elections were over I got this horrible sinking feeling that this signals the start of something worse. The gloves are off in the fight for 2024. Add to this the start of the new season of The Crown and I could feel downright gloomy.

Fear not dear devotees I have a plan in place. I sent out a few fliers and began canvassing among my local community and it has been unanimously agreed that I should run for President.

It’s been a long time since a bearded wonder held the position and none of them come close to me in that regard.

My mission will be to ensure equality for all intelligent life on this planet.

I will fund this by reunification of the United States with the United Kingdom. The money saved on export and import tax will be enough to feed everyone for the next millennium.

In addition to being Prime Minister I will also take over the position of King and buy stock in Netflix.

The price is very good at present since the new series of the Crown is rater lack luster but they’ll now be forced to make season seven so I should have good capital gain.

I’ll sell the fine art of the reunified countries to Elon since he’d buy anything for the sake of humanity. Come to think of it he’d probably also take the crown jewels for a few trillion which should wipe him totally out of business.

As my running mate I will take Beth the Queens rescue whom I quite fancy.

This will show I’m open to diversify of sorts and quite sympathetic to the fact the ex monarchs will need a nice kennel. They can stay in the palace and I’ll ship them a Pitty Princess in exchange.

Beth and I will take the White House to show how modest we really are.

Are you in? Can I count on your vote?


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