Wagging Tail-918

Greetings passionate Peeps I’m a tad mad.

So the Great Gizz thinks he can ship me off to the palace in exchange for a Jack Russell. Dream on Scoobs I’m like Kongs and Nalas I’m here to stay!

Mind you at the Palace they probably have indoor exercise rooms for their pups to use when it’s pouring.

I hate rain and it was constant yesterday. It makes me feel so cold. Dogs in the UK are used to it I hear. Take Stella she’s my Granny’s school pal Linda’s girl. When it’s wet she watches the vet on TV.

The Gizz says that when it’s raining Granny always wears her old stinky waxed cotton coat to go out and its got treats in the pocket so I should chin up and walk on.

Thanks but no thanks I’m a girl made for paradise where it rains when your fast asleep and where the sun always shines even when it’s setting.


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