Wagging Tail-919

The PIT is trying to usurp my position as the primary pup in this palace.

She has taken my place at the lookout.

She has established herself on my seat of power.

This cannot be tolerated as it may give the impression of weakness to my populous.

So I was force to rebound with a full on attack on the veggie chips and chase her off back to the sofa.

I don’t know what has come over the bro that he brought those things home. Part of my manifesto must be to appeal to the vegan element I suppose but I’d take a good old potato LAYS over those things anytime.

Maybe he’s intent on living for ever like that dog on Facebook whose now 140 in human years.

Since there are so many ancients around these days I suppose I need to capture their appeal also. Wonder what I’d look like at that age.

Anyway back to the campaign for now.


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