Wagging Tail-921

Yesterday Ma had plans. She was getting her fangs cleaned at 9:00 and then was going to treat herself to a few hours at the mall before meeting Auntie Lori for a chitty chat.

You know about plans.

Just a mile from home at 8:45 as she turned off the 315 onto route 750 and crossed the Olentangy River her car literally rattled to a stop.

It had been vibrating at 40mph for some time and she was going to take it to the MIDAS garage to have them look at it on her way back from the mall that very day.

Too late.

The brother was called as he was on his day off. He swapped cars with Mom so she could make it to the dentist and waited for the AAA to come and tow the car to MIDAS.

By the time her pearlies were white the car was on the truck.

They reunited at MIDAS where the poor heap of metal was put on the ramp.

Ma dropped the bro at home and went to the mall where she sniffed scent and saw Santa.

She asked him to fix her car but he didn’t deliver.

MIDAS informed her the transmission was gone and needed replaced which being a Merc would cost a whopping $15000. Look at all those zeros!!!!!

Auntie Lori advised Ma to stay cool drink hot chocolate and go to CARMAX and check out the used cars

The bro agreed so off they went. The bro is not averse to luxury vehicles but is strongly pushing for something smarter that won’t cost a fortune to service and maintain. Smart not a SMART something like a Hyundai or Honda or Kia.

They found a great 2019 Subaru at CARMAX. It has just 22,000 miles and leather seats which are essential for transporting myself and the Princess.

Problem is it on hold for someone. They’ll call us if the people change their mind.

So today we have to take the bro to work find a solution to get rid of the dead Merc pick the bro up and do some more hunting for a new vehicle.

Blessing#1522-Serious Shopping

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