Wagging Tail-922

Ma is feeling sad. After the euphoria and anticipation of getting a new car all the hassle of finding one not to mention disposing of a dear old friend hits you smack in the face.

It’s all making me blue too.

She’s currently in the « if only » phase. If only I’d taken the car to the garage earlier, if only I’d traded it in last year, if only I’d ????

I’ve tried to console her but she’s huffing.

Yesterday she saw a Honda and a Jeep neither of which set her heart on fire. She perked up briefly when she saw a Mini Cooper Countryman. Said when she drove it it took her back to her youth when she had minis. It’s a 2018 model but has only 44000 miles.

She was having visions of getting magnetic teapot stickers made and putting them all over it for her business.

Dad and the bro poured cold water on the idea of the mini but she’s still feeling a little flame.

It’s been a long time since she had a car with a name.

Between you and me we’re thinking we might call this one Twiggy or Lulu or Cilla.

Blessing#1523-Sixties Girls

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