Wagging Tail-923

We got a lovely thanksgiving card from Auntie Marsha and her pack yesterday. I read it to Mom and she gave me a big smile.

We certainly have a lot to be thankful for even if our challenges make us feel a little blue.

While Mom was at work we guys and the Princess put our heads together to cheer Mum up. When she got home the bro jumped into his car that she’d borrowed and ran over to Walmart to get her enough candy to sweeten the Grinch.

She might need more though because when we woke up this morning we saw a text from the tenant of the apartment above the Tearoom.

It had been sent at 3:45 am to say the power had gone out. The shop itself seems OK as there is no security alarm signal so it must be a circuit in the apartment that’s tripped.

Now this is very serious because the temperature is well below freezing for the next four days and pipes will burst!

So while others sleep Ma is deep into the « what on earth possessed me to ever buy that $&@@%¥ old building » I’m trying to calm her nerves and tell he all will be OK and then look what pops up on Verse of the Day.

I tell you I have a direct line with him upstairs. No separate circuits there!


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