Wagging Tail-931

I was busy all yesterday morning keeping Jaws in check and making sure she didn’t get near the bird.

We watched the big one at The Macy’s Parade while ours was in the oven.

The Radio City Musical Hall girls must eat a lot of it because the way they kick their legs is amazing.

After the singing and dancing we watched the National Dog show. Jaws though she should be on it. Talk about aspirations of grandeur!

When we have holiday dinners we always get out my Granny’s Willow Pattern china. It makes us feel like she and Grandpa are with us.

After a snooze we felt they’d sent us a message via HULU. We found their favorite soap was being shown so we watched a few episodes.

It’s been so long since Ma has seen it she didn’t know many of the characters anymore so we switched to a drama called FIVE DAYS.

Even Dad was glued to this one and we kept saying we’ll watch just one more episode. When it got to 10:45 and the plot was still thickening like Mum’s gravy we decided we better binge on the rest tonight.

So with square eyes and round tummies we adjourned to slumber.


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