Wagging Tail-932

We slept in this morning. Didn’t wake up till 7:15. That’s like a once a year event. Meant everything was a rush and Ma got into a mood because she didn’t get her coffee and me time.

She could get mad about anything that woman. Don’t tell Santa I said that! Just pretend she’s an Angel.

Rattled on that she does everything in this place and gave orders to Dad to dust and make the dinner and to the bro to get that $&@@£¥ tree up.

Truth be told she was fuming because she had to go to the tearoom. It was small business Saturday but she had no bookings because it coincided once again with the biggest game of the season Ohio State versus Michigan that everyone stays home to watch. What the heck!!!

She returned remorseful for being so cross to find butter turkey was cooked and the tree was up.

In addition the bro had decorated the dining room and the fireplace to boot. There’s still a little tidying up to do but he was distracted by the game that Ohio lost spectacularly.

Now I am persuaded his handwork is perfect and Mom agreed that it was wonderful but I predict there may be a little rearranging done.

She’s a sucker for symmetry is Ma.


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